Why are dog ticks dangerous?


Our pets, not rarely, become our entire lives. And we want them to have long, prosperous lives, filled with happy moments that make us feel that mythical bond between man and dog. And not only that, but we want our companions to live healthy and comfortable lives. And one of the biggest threats to that purpose is ticks.

First things first. What are ticks?  They are bugs that usually carry a disease-causing bacteria, which can be a real nuisance if not caught on time. Not only that, but they also feed on blood, and if they are numerous, they can cause anemia and even local infections at the insertion point.

Ticks are little pests that can be found almost everywhere in nature, especially in wet grass and in forests. So every time you take your dog for a run, check to see if everything is ok when you come back home. And in case you find one, remove it, but don’t be alarmed. They are vectors for some types of diseases, but not all of them are infectious.

When should you get alarmed, you ask? Well, usually they are a few symptoms that might indicate your dog contracted a virus or a harmful bacteria. Watch out for persistent weakness and lethargy, see if the dog is losing weight or if it is vomiting, and check the stool for diarrhea. Sometimes joint swelling might appear and even anemia, which you can check by taking a blood test.

If the symptoms last only for a few minutes or hours, it’s a good sign. But go and see your local vet, just to double check and to see if you’re actually safe and sound. Also, some of the symptoms might appear a long time after the exposure to the parasite, as some diseases have an extended incubation period.

Some of the most known conditions a dog can get from a tick are the temporary tick paralysis which disappears soon after you remove it, the famous Lyme disease that even humans can get, and Ehrlichiosis.

To prevent all of that is quite easy nowadays. One of the best things to do is to always check your dog after going outside, even if it only runs in your backyard. And since we live in a modern age, there are special products on the market, collars and sprays, which are very effective in preventing ticks and other parasites from attaching to your pet.

So knowing all this, it must be easier for you to ensure your pet is living its best life and that you can have it for a long time next to you. Ticks are easy to prevent with a little dedication and care, and you should definitely invest in a product that keeps them away so you can sleep peacefully at night.