Learn to take care of a pet hamster

Pets are a great way to make children more responsible, especially since most of them want a pet from the earliest stages of life. However, regardless of the type of pet you choose, you need to treat it as a true member of the family and look after it, even when your child forgets or is not in the mood. Keep in mind that a pet is a living being that needs constant love, care, and a safe environment in order to live happily.

Hamsters are the perfect pets for children of all ages as they are rather easy to look after and don’t require constant care like dogs and cats. So, if you decided to adopt a hamster as the newest member of the family, here are some things you need to consider.


Provide a safe shelter

Hamsters need spacious cages in order to live as comfortable as possible. First, take a look at the size of an adult hamster and then consider the right dimensions for a cage. A Syrian hamster cage is the perfect solution for this type of hamster breed because, and most of them provide, aside from a comfortable bedding, plenty of indoor leisure activities to keep your hamsters happy.

A comfortable cage also implies a qualitative type of bedding. I suggest opting for fine sawdust because it is super absorbent, natural, and convenient to use. It is also non-toxic and harmless for your pet, reducing the risk of cutting. Pinewood shavings are also a great alternative to paper bedding and are hygienic and easy to clean.

Where to place the cage

Another thing to take into account is where to place your hamster’s cage. It is important for them to have a source of lighting but not direct. Hamsters are mainly nocturnal creatures, meaning they will spend most of the day sleeping and only being active during the night.

So, if your kids go to school early in the morning, it is best to avoid placing the cage right near their bed. I suggest opting for a mid-light and chillier corner of the room, away from direct sunlight.


Keep them happy

Bear in mind that hamsters deal better in pairs, so it would be best to find a new friend to your already furry member of the family. Hamsters love company even when they are taken care of really well, so take into account acquiring at least two hamsters from the same breed.

Also, since they don’t have enough room to run, they can easily get overweight. Thus, it is important to offer them a spinning wheel and plenty of toys or large cages with enough room to play. Hamsters get easily bored so they will need constant challenges to keep them active and happy.