Flea control for dogs – What you should know


Owning a dog is one of the most rewarding things in this world, even though it also comes with a great responsibility. Apart from your unconditional love, your pooch also requires a good and comfortable shelter, proper winter and summer booties, fresh food an water, as well as regular visits to the vet, daily walks, and grooming products.

So, if you’re not entirely prepared for the commitment, I suggest waiting for a little longer. You could test your limits by walking your friends’ dogs and interacting with them for a straight few days. If you still want your own dog after caring for them 24/7, you’re more than welcome to join the club.

But, speaking of grooming products, one of the nastiest things about dogs is a flea infection. Luckily, you can prevent fleas with a wide array of products and natural substances, so let’s have a look at the most popular remedies on the web.

Natural flea repellents

There are plenty of natural flea remedies your dog can use both internal and external. Garlic, for instance, is one of the most powerful flea repellents but it could be harmful in large amounts. I suggest feeding your dog no more than one small clove of garlic per day, depending on its weight. Start feeding it one month prior to the flea season and you will notice improvements in your dog’s coat and personal health. Garlic is also a natural antibacterial and antiseptic ingredient, so it is also powerful enough to keep your dog away from flues and stomach problems.

Another great natural remedy is the classic apple cider vinegar in combination with water. You can use it both internally and externally, but I suggest the old fashioned way – spraying solution. For that, you will need around 50/50 warm water and apple cider vinegar, plus a one-quarter spoon of sea salt or Himalayan salt. Mix the ingredients together and spray the solution on your dog’s coat once a week, but avoid eye contact.

Anti-flea collars and shampoos

If you don’t fully trust the natural methods, you can also opt for the grooming industry solutions or the classic anti-flea collars. The latter has the great advantage that they can be worn all day long, even when bathing or cooling in the pool. The effect lasts for up to 6 months after you take off the collar, provided that you prolong the action with additional anti-flea products.

Anti-flea shampoos are also extremely popular, and they come in countless sizes, shapes, and scents. I suggest using one with natural active ingredients that has a neutral pH and will also provide a beautiful and luscious coat to your dog.

These shampoos shouldn’t be used more than once every two weeks, avoiding the eye and ear areas.