Dog grooming tips you need to know about


Proper dog grooming is vital if you want to keep your furry companion safe and happy. Sure, it can be a great way of showing off your dog’s cute face and its most fabulous features in shows and Instagram photos. However, it is more about making the pet comfortable, especially in summer when temperatures rise and it gets hot.

Besides a regular bath, a dog’s fur needs to be constantly trimmed so it won’t tangle. Some breeds need that more often than others. If you feel you have to learn more about the best tricks and tips for pet grooming, which could be applied to all species, not just dogs, I recommend that you read this article in its entirety.

The first tip I can share with you is brushing your dog as often as you can. This trick will keep the hair from becoming a mess, and it will strengthen the bond you have with your house pet. Find a soft brush so that you won’t traumatize it, and a pro tip would be to do this right after you give him or her a bath.

Something else you can do to ensure the well-being of your pet is to regularly check its teeth for problems like lousy smell and gingivitis. I would also recommend that you brush them at least once a week with a specially designed toothbrush for dogs. This will prevent bacteria build-up and plaque forming, and will also prevent its teeth from falling.

Pay attention that you don’t brush them too aggressively, as you can potentially hurt the gums. When it comes to toothpaste, the Internet is your greatest ally. Just google what type of product you should use, as dogs have different dental needs and requirements than humans.

Eye care is also essential. Dogs are prone to many eye problems, so make sure you clean them on a regular basis. Check for cloudiness, blood spots, or anything that looks out of the ordinary, and do not hesitate to call your vet, as some issues can be real emergencies. For the weekly clean up, you can use wiping napkins which you can buy from your local pet shop.

You can do the same thing for your pet’s ears too. People forget that ears can get infected quickly, and if bacteria collect inside them, it can lead to deafness. And the last trick I have up my sleeve is to pay extra attention to the claws and paws of your four-legged companion.

The pads on the bottom of your companion’s paws need to be regularly inspected for injuries and for thorns, and other things that can lead to limps and even long-term walking problems. The dog’s claws have to be trimmed, without any doubt. It’s a grooming aspect that often gets neglected, and which should be done regardless of whether your pet lives indoors or outside.